5 Things to Know to Keep your Pavers Looking New

Summer has ended, and fall is the perfect time to enjoy your patio for barbecues before it gets too cold or for enjoying a nice fire in the fire pit to keep you warm before the winter hits. You’ve already spent all summer enjoying your patio, and the use is starting to show. Before it gets covered in snow and ice for the winter, here are some tips to help clean your patio and pavers!

Cleaning Your Pavers

There are a few different ways we recommend cleaning the surface. They can all be done together, or separately for regular maintenance.

1. Keeping the Surface Clean

Use a leaf blower or broom to get rid of any loose debris such as leaves or cobwebs that may have accumulated. This is an easy way to do a once over on the garden before putting the lawn mower or blower away.

2. Move Your Furniture, Pots and Grill

In line with keeping the surface clean, you don’t want to forget about underneath furniture. Moving things currently on the patio will allow for full cleaning and avoid any buildup of debris underneath. Whether it’s a small fire pit, chair, table or lounge, a quick move and a sweep or rinse will keep the area looking clean and tidy.

3. Clean up damp stains immediately

If something from a dinner or a drink sits on the patio, it could potentially stain the surface. Its best to clean up as soon as you notice something falls. Post party, or day enjoying the patio may need a quick sweeping. If something is a little messier or needs some more TLC for cleaning, it’s best to clean them up as soon as you notice. Watch for berry stains or wet leaves drying in the sun.

4. Rinse with Water

A light rinse with some water can also help clear debris and dirt from the surface of the pavers. The hose on a light setting, nothing too abrasive, is just enough to wash away debris. This also works if something spills on the pavers or if you notice a stain from bird droppings. A quick rinse with some water will help avoid any permanent stains.

5. Maintaining the edges

Keeping the garden and grass maintained around the edges is another easy way to keep the pavers looking pristine. Edge the pavers and walkways for a fresh look where grass or weeds may have grown over. You may sometimes need to also pull weeds from the pavers or stone edging.

Power Washing Your Pavers

A bonus way to clean your pavers if stains or debris is a little harder to remove is to use a power washer. The other tips for cleaning your pavers should be done first and fully dried if using water, before using a power washer so you know if the stain is still there. Many times, the tips above will be all you need.

However, if you do find your patio, walkway or driveway needing some extra TLC and basic cleaning techniques aren’t enough, you can also use a power washer to clean the surface. Never use a power washer on the hardest “stream” setting, this is going to be too strong and can damage the paver. The “fan” spray held waist height is going to be sufficient in power without damaging the surface. A few quick passes with the power washer should help to remove any tougher stains.

These tips are also perfect for cleaning your patio after the long winter, getting it ready to enjoy the spring and summer seasons.

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